Find out how to set up an academic editing business

Learn my seven-step writing process

I am an experienced public speaker and have given successful presentations on the following topics:

  • The seven-step academic writing process — I outline the writing process I teach my clients and share some quick wins that participants can use immediately to make progress on their writing project.
  • Finding non-academic careers when you have a PhD — I talk about my journey from PhD student to postdoctoral fellow to editor to small-business owner and share tips on how to find a career outside academia.
  • How to set up an academic editing business — Over the years I have met many people with PhDs who are interested in editing. In this talk I present some information on what professional editors do, what qualifications and skills you need and how to find enough work to make a living.

Please contact me if you would like me to speak at your institution.

Malini presented an engaging talk on making the most of career opportunities. The ways she showed the audience how to use and present their skills in different contexts generated a lot of interest.

SH, Canberra