Academic writing coaching: Express coaching package

Find your confidence

Set and achieve meaningful goals

Get your writing done

      Do you find it almost impossible to get your academic writing tasks done?

      I get it. I know that many graduate students, academic staff members and medical researchers have been sitting on their drafts for weeks, months, or even years. They feel overwhelmed, bored or scared, and they just want it finished and submitted.

      Some people find it difficult to prioritise the tasks in their ever-growing list of 'things they are supposed to do each week'. As I've learned while giving writing workshops at universities around Australia, the result is that writing falls to the bottom of the to-do list and therefore never gets done.

      For others, the issue is that they have moved onto a new research project and, over time, have lost interest in writing up their previous project. However, while their interest has waned, they feel guilty, knowing that they really should be putting their work out into the world.

      There are also many people working in clinical settings who have never received formal training in how to write an academic journal article, leaving them feeling unsure as to how to get started.

      I also know that for many graduate students, it can feel like they will never finish their thesis. They are scared to ask for feedback and feel that they don't know enough, so they decide that they should read more rather than actually write something.

      And carers have their own set of challenges. The demands on their time can feel relentless and yet they are supposed to turn up to work as if they have nothing else to worry about.

      How do you know if you need a writing coach?

      If you can relate to any of the following statements then coaching may be right for you:

      • You know what you want to do but don't seem to be able to do it.
      • You feel stuck in your job/career because of your lack of publications.
      • You want to make a change in your worklife but are not sure what that change is or how to do it.
      • You find yourself procrastinating on your writing projects.

      How does the express coaching program work?

      Working together, we'll establish what you want to change, explore your values and mindset and set realistic tasks that you will do between our calls, to work towards your academic writing goals. This might sound simple on the surface; however, sometimes this requires you to look deep within at the beliefs you hold about yourself, your skills and your time.

      My aim as a coach is to become redundant. I don't want you to be forever reliant on me to have all the answers and keep you accountable. Instead, by looking at and addressing what has held you back in the past, my hope is that, eventually, you will have the confidence you need to prioritise your academic writing tasks, week in, week out.

      Having done this work for a number of years, I have picked one month as the sweet spot of keeping things focused and getting you into a regular writing practice as quickly as possible. If you want to continue working with me, that is fine. But most people can get writing after one month of support from me.

      What does the program cost?

      The cost is $1500+GST for one month of support. (Many of my clients have successfully obtained funding from their institution to pay for this coaching package. I would be happy to provide some information if you need it to apply for funding.)

      Over the month, you will have up to four coaching calls, unlimited email support and access to my online course which takes you step by step through my writing process.

      What's the next step?

      Contact me through the Get in touch page to schedule a free, 20-minute discovery call. On the call you can find out more about coaching and whether it's right for you.

      Malini’s coaching feels incredibly grounded in an understanding of both the ECR experience and the fundamentals of the academic writing process. I think this why I come away from every coaching session feeling deeply understood and with such clear and tangible strategies to move forward with my research and writing.

      Malini’s coaching has supported my writing confidence on many levels. I have an emerging, deep confidence in the value of what I have to contribute to the literature and community, and of the kind of researcher and writer I want to be. To be able to write with this emerging confidence is so much more enjoyable and productive!Helena Clayton

      I am talking to everyone who will listen just how valuable it has been to receive coaching for my writing from Malini! Through our sessions I have learned clear processes for writing that I can replicate across all my work. I’ve also learned strategies for combating writers block and fitting writing into my busy work week rather than after hours. Malini also prompted me to think about writing outside of academia, and I have since developed the confidence to move out of my comfort zone and write for news media.