Do you struggle to find time to write?

If so, you’re aren’t alone.

I’ve spent the past 10 years working with graduate students and academic staff. So many are overwhelmed, stressed, overworked and frustrated because they know they should be writing but don't seem to be able to  One of the most common barriers that stops people from making progress with their writing is that they cannot seem to make time for writing. Or, if they do make time, they end up giving it away to anyone who asks.

The solution?

Well, me telling you put time aside for writing is not enough. I mean, you know that already, right? Instead, what’s needed is to look within, at the stories you tell yourself, your patterns of behaviour and what’s most important to you.


Introducing 'Making time to write'

In this mini-course, I will help you understand why you really want to write, what you might be afraid of and how to reframe any negative beliefs that you have about yourself and your writing.

The course is made up of 5 short modules.


Each module consists of a PDF workbook with some writing prompts and journaling exercises. The whole course can be done in a matter of hours.

What others have said

I thought the course was very good. I liked the way the journaling prompts led me to do more writing.
research fellow

The course was great and very useful. I think the coaching element is what people really need.

leanne Ruggero, phd candidate

Are you ready?

It's easy to think that 'next week/month/year will be different' and that you'll suddenly be able to make time to write. But if you notice a pattern of repeated good intentions without actually making a change, it might be time to consider looking at your mindset.

Is it time to try something new and look at the reasons that it's so hard to make progress with your writing?

What happens next?

After you pay, you will be sent an email that has simple instructions so that you can set up your account on my online course system. Once you have done that, you will have immediate access to all the modules, which you can do at your own pace.

That's all there is to it!

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