Writing vs editing

Malini DevadasEditing

The advent of the word processor means that we can ‘fiddle with the text’ (technical term!) as much as we like while drafting. That’s all well and good, but not when the story isn’t clear, the logic is faulty or you’ve only written 300 words of a 5000-word grant application. So, allow me to let you in on a little … Read More

How to brief an editor

Malini DevadasEditing

You’ve decided you’d like to work with an editor. What now? Well, the best way to ensure that your potential editor knows what you want is to send them a detailed list of all your requirements. That way, the editor can prepare an accurate quote based on your specifications. Of course, if your specifications change during the project, the contract … Read More

Getting the title right

Malini DevadasCoaching

Recently I had a meeting that highlighted the joys of working as an academic writing coach. I had previously suggested that John* create an outline of his journal article. He had done this and, on the surface, the dot-point plan looked good. However, when I looked at the title I realised that it didn’t actually SAY anything — rather it … Read More